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We are the Relocation Consulting people you will want to have by your side if you are planning to relocate to Germany.

Not just because we are passionate about helping people make their dream come true, but also because we have been where you are right now.

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Our Mission

We at Relocation Consulting Germany are on a mission to making relocation to Germany as easy as possible for as many people as possible. Until now, most relocation agencies have been focusing on helping professionals hired by German companies and help them to make moving to Germany easier.

However, there are people like you out there, who are not (yet) hired by a company in Germany but still want to move. Why should you not benefit from our experience as relocation consultants?

Our knowledge about the German way of life, the sometimes pretty complicated legal system and the real estate market is what we bring to your disposal. With one mission: Making it as easy for you to come to live and work in Germany.

Our Vision

There has never been a better time to relocate to Germany. As of now, Germany is looking to attract people from all over the world to live and work in Germany, as the population is slowly getting older and younger workers are needed in all kinds of industries.

Our goal is to help to close the age gap in Germany and being a leading resource platform and relocation agency for expats. We are doing that by curating articles, creating directories of resources for those who are taking the relocation into their own hands, and being the first point of contact for those who require assistance in relocating to Germany.

We promise to do our best to making your relocation process as smoothly as possible, because we know how hard life as an expat can be without knowledge of the local language or good friends in the coutry.

Relocation Consulting Germany - FAQ

Why are you doing this?

We have been expats ourselves. We know the struggles, but also the joy of living in a foreign country. That is why we love helping others to avoid mistakes and try to help every client of Relocation Consulting Germany as well as we possibly can.

How do you make a living with this?

Our website is being used by many expats like you. And even though we give you all the resources to relocate on your own, some people still might need or would like some help. And even though we are pretty decent in writing articles, we are even better in doing the hard work. So if you would love some support finding housing, understanding rental contracts, need help with getting your German drivers license, or anything else you can not even think of right now: we would love to help you with this. That is the only way we are making money.

What services do you offer?

As a relocation agency, specialized in expats moving to Germany, we offer a personalized relocation experience. Some of the things we can help you with:

  • Visa, residency and work permits
  • Getting your drivers license
  • Temporary or permanent housing
  • Translations
  • Assisting in dealing with public authorities
  • Settling in (showing you around, organizing tours, etc.)
  • Cultural differences
  • Language courses
  • Finding jobs
  • and much more…

How much do you charge?

Feel free to reach out to us and tell us a bit about your plans. We will check in with you within 24 hours and we can discuss our affordable pricing.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, in some cases we offer discounts for people in need or for larger relocation projects. Please contact us, and we can discuss everything in detail to make sure you get the best possible offer from us!

Can my employer pay for your services?

Of course! In cases where you already have a job in Germany, many employers cover our service fees. Just reach out to them and tell them, that you would like to use Relocation Consulting Germany as service for your relocation to Germany. Once they contact us, we will send them an offer and all we need from them is a confirmation that they will cover our costs.

I am self employed. Can you help me setup my business in Germany?

You bet we can! Our partner company, Frisch Consult, specializes in Business Consulting. They have all the knowledge you need, and they are even registered with BAFA, the German government agency for funding companies. In many cases, they can even help you out for free, because you may qualify for their program to support businesses grow in Germany. Just feel free to reach out to us!

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Relocation Consulting Germany is your single source of knowledge if you are an expat in Germany. We specialize in helping people from all over the world to move to this beautiful country. We are helping you find housing in Germany, jobs in Germany, get your work visa for Germany and with everything else you can think of. If you have any questions or suggestions about relocation consulting Germany, please feel free to reach out to us!

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