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We are helping people from all over the world to find understand which visa they should apply for, as well as helping them navigate the entire process. From knowing which visa and residence permit to apply for to helping you talk with the Bürgeramt office, we can be there with you through the process.

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Are you overwhelmed by all the different regulations, the German bureaucracy, and the whole process of getting your paperwork right? We know it can be extremely stressful from firsthand experience.

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

We can take care of most or all of them for you, or accompany you where ever it is necessary that you are there in person. We are experienced in helping expats see through the jungle of different German regulations and have helped numerous people like you.

Here is an excerpt of what we can do for or with you:

  • Filling out the visa application
  • Applying for your residency title
  • Registering you with the city / county in which you found your German dream home
  • Getting your German driver’s license
  • Registering your car / motor home / motorbike or scooter
  • Registering for contribution of ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandfunk
  • Registration of dogs
  • Application for child benefits (Kindergeld)
  • Application for school

All these things need to be taken care of when you move to Germany. Some of those may seem unusual for people who arrive in Germany, but they really are a thing here. People in Germany have to register their dogs, for example, and they have to pay taxes for having a dog. The same applies for the contribution for ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandfunk. This is an obligation as soon as you have a TV, a radio, a computer, or even a smartphone. The registration and the quarterly payments you have to make are helping to keep the public TV and news stations independent of advertisements.

We will guide you through each of the processes and help to fill out the forms. Where necessary, we will make appointments for you and accompany you to those appointments if possible (e.g. applying for your residency title).

Our experience in providing support to numerous expats helps us to understand the different regulations, and we can often suggest shortcuts or speed up the process.

Each service requires a briefing call, which is included in our service fee. If you require assistance with multiple things, we will try to limit the number of briefing calls to as few as possible.

Throughout the whole process, we will keep you updated and in the loop. We will check in with the authorities if something takes too long, making sure it is still being processed. Our job is done, only after the successful completion of the application or registration.


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Visa Application, Residency Title, Registration with City, Driver's License, Car Registration, Contribution ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandfunk, Registration of Dogs, Application Child Benefits, Application for School